RECOVER-E: Implementation

The implementation component of the RECOVER-E project consists of the development of multidisciplinary community mental health teams (including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and peer workers). The multidisciplinary community mental health teams will  provide treatment based on a locally adapted version of the Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (F-ACT) service delivery model. The community mental health team will be oriented specifically towards treatment for people with severe mental illness (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or severe depression). Both the service delivery approach and the interventions delivered within the CMHTs are evidence-based. The teams will be developed through a comprehensive capacity building approach consisting of training, ongoing mentoring and supervision, team strengthening sessions such as reflection sessions, and improvement plans based on feedback from service audits.


Many effective interventions fail to be implemented at a larger scale or are not implemented at all. If they are implemented in a different context, either the rate of successful implementation is too low, or they are implemented inadequately. To narrow this implementation gap, this project proposes to implement an intervention that is a health care priority in the 5 European countries with implementation sites in this project: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro: community mental health teams that provide community treatment for people with SMI.

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