Summary Recover-e project


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  • Stichting Trimbos Instituut (leading organisation) - Netherlands
  • Liga Romana pentru Sanatate Mintala - Romania
  • University Clinic of Psychiatry - Macedonia
  • Spitalul de psichiatrie Cronici Siret - Romania
  • Stichting GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord - Netherlands
  • European Psychiatric Association - France
  • Fundacion Mundo Bipolar - Spain
  • Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg - Germany
  • Health institution special psychiatric hospital “Dobrota” Kotor - Montenegro
  • Societatea Psihiatrilor, Narcologilor, Psihoterapeutilor si Psihologilor Clinicieni din Republica Moldova - Moldova
  • Universitatea de stat de medicină și farmacie Nicolae Testemițanu din Republica Moldova - Moldova
  • National Center for Public Health and Analyses - Bulgaria
  • Hrvatskis Zavod Za Javino Zdravstvo (Croatian Institute of Public Health) - Croatia
  • EFPA – European Federation of Psychologists Associations - Belgium
  • Mental Health Center Prof. N Shipkovenski Ltd. - Bulgaria
  • Zagreb University Hospital Centre - Croatia

Work Package Descriptions

Work package number: WP1
Work package title: Management and coordination


  1. To ensure smooth coordination of project implementation;
  2. To manage the project on a day-to-day basis, including: monitoring of scientific progress; communication between partners and with the European Commission; financial management; operational reporting; conflict management; organising and chairing Steering Committee meetings and Advisory Board meetings; risk management
  3. To organise regular joint and bi-lateral meetings with consortium participants to share knowledge;
  4. To liaise with GACD on project findings and participation in annual GACD meetings
  5. To link implementation site teams and the expert panel
  6. To develop and provide a project management information system for supporting daily project management and reporting.
  7. To develop and maintain a project website.
  8. Continuous monitoring and quality control of its implementation and outcomes.

Work package number: WP2
WP Leader: KPS
Work package title: Needs assessment and feasibility assessment


  1. To obtain an in-depth understanding of the current situation in mental health care provision in each of the 5 implementation sites.
  2. To carry out a needs assessment of the needs and preferences of service users as well as mental health professionals in each of the 5 implementation sites.
  3. To develop a tailored implementation plan for community mental health care for each of the 5 implementation sites based on the findings of the situational analysis and needs assessment.

Work package number: WP3
Work package title: Implementation


  1. To establish a peer-to-peer capacity building partnership in community mental health by linking a European expert panel with stakeholder sin 5 implementation sites to co-create community mental health services for people with SMI
  2. To implement recovery-oriented care by recognises the value of experiential knowledge through including peer experts as members of community mental health teams

Work package number: WP4
WP Leader: 8 - UKL-HD
Work package title: Research evaluation


  1. The objective of this work package is to implement the intervention (multidisciplinary community-based mental health teams that people community-based supports to people with SMI) in WP3 and evaluate its implementation strategy here in WP4.

Work package number: WP5
WP Leader: 13 - CIPH
Work package title: Economic evaluation


  1. The objective of WP5 is to carry out an economic evaluation of the implementation and the implementation strategy of the intervention in the 5 implementation sites.

Work package number: WP6
WP Leader: 2 - RLMH
Work package title: Bridging the gap between policy and practice


  1. The objective of this WP is to engage with decision-makers in the 5 implementation sites and prepare a pathway for transition to scale, for continued implementation of the intervention after the project’s life span in 2021.

Work package number: WP7
WP Leader: FMB
Work package title: Dissemination


  1. To develop a dissemination plan to raise awareness about project findings as well as discuss the translatability and applicability of findings for other contexts and Member States in Europe;
  2. To disseminate country-specific evidence on the effectiveness and the implementation process of the intervention.
  3. To cultivate an implementation science research hub in Eastern and Southern parts of Europe for researchers, decision makers and health professionals.

Work package number: WP8
Work package title: Ethics requirements


  1. The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.

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