Dr. Tiberiu Rotaru, clinical psychologist and CBT psychotherapist and manager of Siret Psychiatric Hospital in Siret, Romania
Raluca Nica, Executive Director, Romanian League for Mental Health Vice-President, GAMIAN Europe

EFPA interviews Dr. Raluca Nica and Dr. Tiberiu Rotaru

''Being psychologist in RECOVER-E: Romania''

Interested in a bit more information about the role of psychologist in the RECOVER-E project? Anna Leybina, the Executive Council Liaison Officer at the European Federation of Psychologist's Associations (EFPA) and RECOVER-E project partner recently interviewed RECOVER-E project partners from Romania Dr. Raluca Nica and Dr. Tiberiu Rotaru. The interview is featured in EFPA's most recent newsletter.

''How has the RECOVER-E project been received in Romania?

Raluca: This project is new our country, as well as the concept of community mental health teams (CMHT). Because our mental health system is mostly institutionalized, this idea of mobile community mental health teams hasn't been implemented before. For us it was very interesting to try a new way of working. And we know from other countries that people are pleased with this approach when different specialists provide them support within the community. So, we, as specialists, were very interested to see how this concept would work being implemented here in Romania. ''

"How are psychologists involved in the project?

Tiberiu: I think psychologists play an important role in CMHTs, because we contribute to the methods used as both of us are trained in clinical psychology, CBT and motivational interviewing. Psychologist can be useful in at least two ways. The first one, the psychological issues and solutions they identify for patients and psychological information we provide to patients and their families; the second one, psychologists put the team together as psychiatrists and social workers can always discuss their work with psychologists, who are liaising with the whole team expertise. So, psychologists serve the patients and the team.''

Read the entire interview here. 

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