Dr. Jovo Dedovic at the Psychiatric Association meeting in Montenegro
Dr. Jovo Dedovic at the Alpe Jadran Balkan Conference in Slovenia

Raising awareness of RECOVER-E in Montenegro

The team in Montenegro has participated in a number of activities this year to bring visibility to RECOVER-E’s activities and findings.

On July 31st, 2019, site leaders shared project activities in a presentation at the Psychiatric Association meeting in Montenegro. This information was also published in the September issue of the national journal for medicine, “Medical”.

On August 27th, Dr. Jovo Dedovic presented RECOVER-E’s basic principles and goals during a nationally televised morning program called “Vijesti”. You can find a link to this video to the left. The discussion of RECOVER-E starts at the 14:30 mark.

And, during the Alpe Jadran Balkan Conference in September held in Slovenia, Dr. Jovo Dedovic presented the first research results titled, “Dual diagnosis patients in Montenegro RECOVER-E sample.” This presentation focused on hospital readmission rates of patients with comorbidities (substance abuse) compared to patients without substance abuse problems. The whole project team is excited about the opportunities to inform others about the work being done and to raise awareness of lessons learned.  

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