Watch back the RECOVER-E Webinar on Human Rights and Peer Workers!

The RECOVER-E project launched a successful webinar on the 14th of October in which a diverse set of topics about peer workers was discussed. The first session covered among other things Human Rights, equality, equity, and lived experience in mental health (care). The second session focused on personal stories from peer workers and professionals about working in a community mental health team, challenges and opportunities, and how the work will be sustained after the project ends.

A big thanks to the attendees for bringing in discussion points and questions and of course a massive thanks to our speakers for making this webinar possible.

Speakers: Laura Shields-Zeeman, Nora Sveaass, Polli Hagenaars, Jan Wise, Guadalupe Morales, Aleksandar Tomcuk, Zana Sevo, Valentin Valtchev, Stojan Bajraktarov, Milana Zarkovic, and Vladimir Nakov.

Moderators: Felix Bolinski and Nina Bos