Anna Leybina, Executive Council Liaison Officer at EFPA
Laura Shields-Zeeman, RECOVER-E project leader

EFPA Interviews Laura Shields-Zeeman About RECOVER-E

Interested in a bit more information about the RECOVER-E project? Anna Leybina, the Executive Council Liaison Officer at the European Federation of Psychologist’s Associations (EFPA) and RECOVER-E project partner recently interviewed RECOVER-E project leader Dr. Laura Shields-Zeeman about the project. The interview is featured in in EFPA’s most recent newsletter.

Laura discussed the goals of the project including the sustainable transformation of mental health systems. She describes how public and mental health institutes are working together to achieve this, and how the project aims to highlight the economic and psychological benefits of community-based mental health care for policy impact. Anna and Laura also discussed how the project engages with leaders in community mental health, how EFPA is involved, and how psychologists can learn more about the project.

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