Health Professionals Training in Zagreb

Trimbos and its partners GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord and Fundación Mundo Bipolar hosted a training session in Zagreb, Croatia on September 24-28, 2018. The training gave health professionals the tools needed to improve community-based mental health approaches and to form cohesive community mental health teams.

Some of the topics covered were the importance of community mental health, human rights, discrimination, stigma, home visits, mobile teams, principles of recovery, empowerment, mental health crises, practical arrangements, changes in daily practices, transferring skills from the clinic to the home, and communication strategies. An important aspect of the training was the interaction between peers and the resulting positive group dynamics. This enhanced participants’ learning and also their enjoyment of the sessions. This positive assessment is reassuring as we strive to generate engagement around the importance of community and home-based care. Because the ultimate goal is to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Pictured: Anja Reilman (left) and Shuna Vanner (right)
Pictured: Guadalupe Morales