RECOVER-E: The First Health Professionals Training in the Netherlands

Trimbos and GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord hosted a training session in The Netherlands from May 6-10, 2019 with professionals from Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. It took place after the trainings in Croatia, Montenegro and Romania as part of the project. The training provided health professionals with the tools to improve community-based mental health approaches and to form cohesive community mental health teams. The professionals that took part included psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers. Topics covered included principles of community mental health, principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, techniques of motivational interviewing as well as care planning, crisis interventions and violence management. There were several site visits that took place over the five days, one being the GGZ-NHN visit in Heiloo to the acute ward, forensic ward and open ward. This was an opportunity for professionals to see how community mental health care is administered in the Netherlands to implement learnings in their respective countries. Furthermore, professionals engaged with peers and had the opportunity to listen to clients’ personal life stories and experiences with FACT teams. Overall, the training sessions helped to understand the current care situation and local factors that might affect the implementation of a community-based mental health care system.