RECOVER-E workshop at EPA virtual congress 2021

PRESS RELEASE 24 March 2021

RECOVER-E Workshop at EPA virtual Congress 2021 – 12 April 10:00-11:20 CEST

RECOVER-E is giving a workshop about advancing community-based mental health care in Europe where RECOVER-E partners present early findings and reflections in the final year of the project.

The overall goal of the RECOVER-E project is to contribute to the implementation of and research on an evidence-based community-based service delivery model for recovery-oriented care in five sites in middle-income countries (Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania) to improve functioning, quality of life, and mental health outcomes for people with severe and enduring mental ill health (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and/or severe depression).

After an introduction to the project by Dr. Laura Shields-Zeeman, all five implementation sites will present RECOVER-E from a different angle where you will learn more about how the mental health systems in RECOVER-E implementation sites have changed since the start of the project in 2018, the involvement of a peer worker in a community mental health team, how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted people with severe mental illness in the RECOVER-E project sites, lessons learned from having to adapt the intervention in the pandemic, policy dialogues for sustaining the project, and more.

The workshop will end with a live 20 minute Q&A session, giving chairs and audience the opportunity to ask the speakers further in-depth questions.

Chair: Prof. Hans Kroon, Trimbos Institute, The Netherlands
Co-chair: Dr. Laura Shields-Zeeman, Trimbos Institute, The Netherlands

Dr. Martina Rojnic Kuzman, Zagreb University Hospital Center, Croatia
Dr. Miloš Milutinović , University Clinic of Psychiatry, UCPS Skopje, North Macedonia
Dr. Vladimir Nakov, National Centre of Public Health and Analyses, Sofia, Bulgaria
Dr. Aleksandar Tomcuk, Health Institution Special Psychiatric Hospital Dobrota Kotor, Montenegro
Dr. Tiberiu Rotaru, Siret Psychiatric Hospital, Romania

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