Trimbos hosts its 3rd Annual RECOVER-E Steering Committee Meeting

On February 6th, 2020, Trimbos hosted the annual RECOVER-E Steering Committee Meeting with project partners in Utrecht, Netherlands. Project progress, upcoming steps and activities, and results to-date were discussed with representatives from each partner organization. Thirty four representatives from 10 countries attended the meeting.

The meeting was structured as a series of short presentations followed by group discussions, which were fruitful in aligning everyone and providing clarity for next steps. Topics included:

  • Next steps in project implementation – attendees discussed achievements in the project they are proud of and ways to improve for the second half of the project.
  • Policy implications – teams gave updates on their respective policy dialogue sessions, highlighting progress and challenges
  • Implementing roadmaps for community mental health teams – experts from Moldova presented their experience with implementing mobile teams locally. They shared lessons learned from undergoing a mental health system reform.
  • Research evaluations – progress, challenges, considerations, and next steps were discussed.
  • Dissemination and key messages – this session focused on teams brainstorming key project messages and how those messages might differ for different audiences.
  • A publication plan – teams discussed a process on how to proceed with publication writing in upcoming months.

During the meeting, teams discussed achievements and challenges in different areas of the project as well as upcoming opportunities to enhance the project’s impact and sustainability. The meeting sought to increased partners’ confidence and motivation to continue with efforts to shift paradigms in mental health care and increase the quality of life of people with mental health disorders.

See what EPA had to say about the Annual Meeting in their most recent newsletter. You can find it under the section titled, “EU Policy and Advocacy News”.