Update from University Clinic of Psychiatry, Skopje

The team from the University Clinic of Psychiatry in Skopje, North Macedonia had the following to say about their experience implementing a community mental health team:

We wanted to share the excellent team atmosphere present among the researchers and clinicians that are part of the RECOVER-E project.

Recruitment of service users started at the end of June 2019 and now, within four months, there are 108 service users that are part of the intervention and control groups. Two mobile teams are sharing the caseload. All recruited service users in the intervention group have had a first visit to their homes by the mobile teams, and more than half have already had two.

Introducing the peer workers for the first time in the teams and in North Macedonia in general, has been nothing but a great experience. Their dedication and commitment can only be praised.

Given limited experience, team meetings are going better and better. Usually there is a meeting before the home visits and one after when an individual treatment plan is tailored according to the service users’ needs. There is a good balance within the teams, with each member having a similar caseload.

The communication between the research and the mobile teams is superb. The researchers are always at disposal, for whatever assistance is needed.

In conclusion, high team enthusiasm is present and everything is going smoothly and according to the project plan.